Come Out Swinging

Jeff Gordon
Tennis, for many of us, is a huge part of our lives. The sport broadens our network of friends. It helps us burn calories and stay in shape. Families can enjoy playing together. And, of course, it's just plain fun.

We want you and all your friends, family and colleagues to enjoy the many benefits this great game has to offer. We want you to "Come Out Swinging." And with more than 2,500 Tennis Welcome Centers in the U.S., it's easier than ever to learn to play tennis, find places to play and find tennis instruction. Just click the links above to find what you need … fast.

You and your friends and loved ones will be in good company. A lot of famous--and millions of not-so-famous--people have made tennis a big part of their lives. Some of these celebrities, such as Jeff Gordon, Roy Jones Jr., Daisy Fuentes and Mike Wallace, have been such fans of the sport that they were featured in a nationwide marketing campaign promoting the benefits of tennis.

There's no better time to get out on the court. You'll certainly be in stellar company.