• Find A Place to Play
    Find A Place to Play

    Looking for a court or facility near you? Now, you can easily tap into an extensive—and continually expanding—industry database of more than 20,000 locations. Start your search for tennis facility now!

  • Find A Partner
    Find A Partner

    Looking for people to play tennis with? Whether you're searching for a partner near where you live, or are traveling for business or on vacation and want to meet people and have a great match, we can help you make the connections. Start your search for tennis partner now!

  • Find Instruction
    Find Instruction

    Are you just starting in tennis, or are you looking to win your local tournament? Search for a certified tennis teacher and for clinics and lessons in your area and move your game up a level… or two, or three. Click here to improve your game!

  • 10-
    10 and Under Tennis

    Tennis is great for young children, and this is an excellent age to get your child started in this sport for a lifetime. There are many ways to help your child learn tennis and to experience all the wonderful benefits of the game. Read More ...

  • 10+

    The opportunities for elementary, middle-school and high-school students to learn and continue in tennis are varied and growing. Team play is popular for this age group, and the chance for kids to remain active and involved is important. Read More ...

  • 18+

    College students and young adults now have more choices than ever when it comes to playing tennis. Read More ...

  • 25+

    Like tennis at any level, tennis as an adult is fun, social, competitive, healthy - it can truly be anything you want it to be. Read More ...

  • 50+

    Playing with family and friends, and making new friends along the way, is always fun, and is something that tennis is great at providing. Read More ...

  • 70+

    Tennis truly is a sport for a lifetime. Now, more than ever, there are plenty of opportunities to keep active and involved later and later into life. Read More ...

Welcome to Tennis Welcome Center
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What is a Tennis Welcome Center?

Thousands of tennis facilities across the country are already registered as Tennis Welcome Centers. You can find Tennis Welcome Centers at neighborhood parks, commercial tennis clubs, health clubs, resorts, high schools and colleges. For more information on Tennis Welcome Centers and how they can help you play the game of tennis, please click below.

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Tennis - the Sport for a Fit and Healthy Lifetime

Tennis - the Sport for a Fit and Healthy Lifetime

Tennis truly is the "sport for a lifetime"-you can play from your earliest years until your latest. Tennis keeps you healthy, fit and in shape, too, so it's also the sport for a longer lifetime. Grab a friend and your racquet and get to the courts. You'll see that tennis can be just the fitness vehicle you've been looking for.

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Tennis - A Total Body Workout There aren’t many sports activities that test every part of your body. Tennis takes care of everything. It requires QUICKNESS and AGILITY to get to the ball, CORE STRENGTH to get power into your shots, STAMINA to be able to play for a couple of sets and MENTAL TOUGHNESS to stay one step ahead of your opponent. All that while having fun, working off stress and energizing your spirits. Find out what tennis can do for you!

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